Thursday, January 10, 2019

Decluttering and discovering old photos

I have been doing a ton of decluttering these days. While on vacation, I didn't really feel like doing it until just before I went back to work. I am pretty motivated these days that it's surprising me!

I'm not sure why I held on to so much stuff over the years. I found a couple of photos of my ex-husband. It was early in our relationship. He looked happy.

I had no hesitation getting rid of his photos. I kept everything else. I ended up putting these photos in an album.

For years, I held on to my undergraduate textbooks in two domains that I don't use all that much these days. As much as I love math, I have decided to let my textbooks go. I can always look up information and questions online should I need to.

I donated my books on Wednesday. I recycled an old cell phone. I also donated clothes that I no longer love, but hope that others will.

It feels good to declutter.


  1. Decluttering is almost more fun than buying the things in the first place. Its funny how we keep old school and text books. Maybe we think we are going to have to start again sometime.

    1. I completely agree with you. Decluttering is pretty enjoyable so far. I am incredibly motivated to get rid of items that I don't need anymore. It's good to let go of school notes and textbooks. I thought that I'd go back to them as resources, but that never panned out.