Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Chatting and teasing my guy

I enjoy my chats with my guy.
"I have to go. I forgot my earbuds and am moving to weights," he explained while at the gym.
"No problem. Are you going to buy a protein shake or do you make yours now?" I asked him.
"I make my own. It's in my car. It costs nearly $10 to buy one here," he pointed out.
"Yes, we can't have Cheap Bastard spending a ton of money," I said.
"You got it," he confirmed.
"Well, enjoy the rest of your workout. Say hi to your car for me. She will tell you that she wants me to drive her," I said.
"You think so?" he asked me.
"I know so," I said confidently.
"No!" he exclaimed.
"I love teasing you," I said sweetly.
"I know," he admitted.
It's fun when we chat.


  1. Still not driving his car, huh? Between you and me, girl with the naughty name : shhhh (Is he Dutch, he could be being so cheap..)


    1. I have nicknamed him Cheap Bastard for an endearing reason... haha! He has always been protective of his car. He doesn't like when others drive it. I enjoy teasing him about it.