Sunday, January 06, 2019

Reflection on my final vacation day

Today is my last vacation day before I go back to work. It has been a well-deserved period of rest.

Naturally, I have reservations about going back to work. I dread dealing with a new employee who isn't the sharpest learner.

On a good note, I managed to reorder contact lenses, so I ensure that I can see for the better part of this year. I have roughly a two-month supply before placing my reorder, so I wasn't exactly cutting it short.

I have enjoyed cooking more while on vacation. I hope to do more of it on weekends. I find it relaxing and fun.


  1. I hope you had a good break and are returning to work feeling happy. Don't worry about the employee- they may thank you for letting them go.

    1. Thanks, Michael! I appreciate your kind words. i am hoping that she is let go. It's not the best fit for the position. Here's to a good first day back to work!