Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Z is for zany

I have made it to this challenge's finish line! I don't know how to end it off, other than writing about something zany. Well, I think it's weird.

My guy has arrived in Dublin. He isn't too crazy about the place. He finds it old and the roads are too narrow for his car.

We are similar in that we worry about such details, but we we rely on each other for support and comfort. Otherwise, he is doing well.

We did a role reversal today. That alone is wacky.

In the past, I accidentally gave him the nickname of Cheap Bastard (CB), which he has embraced. He loves buying items at discounted rates and gets a high out of it.

These days, I call myself the CB protege. We had this conversation on Skype as I was driving home from work and my guy was getting ready to turn in for the night.
"It's starting to rain. I wanted to wash my car yesterday, but held off because it was to rain today and I want a free car wash," I admitted to my guy.
"I am so proud of you," my guy said to me. "You go to liquidation outlets, you buy a sweater for 50% off its sale price, and now you are saving on car washes," my guy said.
"See, I am a CB protege," I replied.
"Yes, you are. A certified one, too," he stated.
"The rain is really pouring down now. If I drive a bit faster, my car will be shiny," I joked.
"Maybe you can use dishwasher soap and put a dab on the hood," my guy said.
"Hey, that would work. But, the guy behind me would get annoyed clearing all the suds off his car," I noted.
We both laughed, especially about the part where I want to dye the soap suds pink.

Is it Friday yet? It should be at this rate!


  1. Congratulations on being a CB protege, CB...I do love a good bargain. The problem I have with rain is that no matter how hard it is raining, it doesn't seem to clean the back window and door of my car. I won't wash my car if I'm heading straight home because I live on a gravel road so as I drive down the road, my car gets all dusty! Hope your guy gets home soon!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I am glad that you are also a bargain-hunter. It's fun scoring great deals.

      Gravel roads are interesting to drive on. You're right about the dust! I am lucky that I have paved roads in my neighbourhood.

  2. Such a waste of money to wash your car, when the rain does it for free! I don't wash my car until I get really embarrassed driving around with such a dirty car...

    Nothing the rain cannot fix. Congratulations on another A-Z survival!


    1. I'm glad that we think alike on having nature wash our cars. =)

      Thanks, Han. I almost don't know what to do with myself now that the challenge is over!