Thursday, April 21, 2016

U is for uneven number of smacks

My guy is guilty of giving me lopsided spankings. By lopsided, I mean that he tends to give more smacks on one buttock than the other.

While on vacation, I liked when I was getting something from my suitcase or standing in our hotel room, doing something. He would walk past me to do something himself and give me a smack across my left buttock. He walked past me again and did the same thing to the same buttock.
"Can't you alternate and not give me an uneven number of smacks?" I asked, challenging him.
"Sure," he said, coming over and giving me ten rapid smacks on my right buttock.
"You don't learn, do you?" I said.
"Of course, I do," he replied.
He finally did manage to even out the hand spanks that he was dishing out. I got more smacks to even things oiut. It's fun to complain. I did get want I wanted! He also knows that I like math, as does he.


  1. Makes sense, girl with the naughty name, to do something that is not expected of you...

    Suitcase label? Big grin,

    1. Haha... I should give that suitcase label a try. =)

  2. Even smacks are always better and if you wait until he's finished, you can then complain about the uneven smacks and get some more! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I like your logical suggestion. It makes perfect sense. =)