Wednesday, April 20, 2016

T is for things are looking brighter, telephone, and texting

At work, my manager sits next to me. It is a different type of working relationship that has blossomed into a friendship. It's a first for me.

Back in December of last year, a writer, who was highly defensive, quit. I was reviewing the entire team's work for quality. Instead, what I wanted to do career-wise was sidetracked. I had to not only take over her responsibilities, but needed to preserve most of mine.

I was miserable. I told my boss that it was time for me to look for a new job. I revamped my resume and sent it out for various positions.

Lately, I have resorted to eating at my desk like I used to when I was the lone writer. I don't like doing it, but it is better than my putting even more overtime on weeknights. The last thing that I want to do is work on the weekends.

My manager has slowly tried to keep me from leaving. He has finally succeeded.

My boss and I had a talk last week. Early next month, two interns join our team, so I will be training them as I have done in the past with the previous two interns. A writer from a different group in South America will be joining our team, too.

The plan? I go back to reviewing the team's written work on top of working with the interns. The interns take over my work on two development teams. The new writer takes over my work on my third team. Yes, I am on three different agile teams, which is both crazy and ludicrous when it comes to my workload of being the lead writer.

I am happy. I had another talk with my manager on Tuesday, who confirmed that this plan is going ahead. Yay!

As for my guy, I am missing him these days. At work on Tuesday, I managed to park my car in front of his. Of course, I am itching to tease my guy by telling him that he should let me drive his manual car while he is away.

Whenever I am travelling in the States, I change my SIM card in my phone and go with a cheaper phone, text, and data plan than my regular cell phone provider. After work on our first full day in Seattle, my guy tried calling my regular cell phone number. When he got back to the hotel, he had wondered what had happened to me. I told him that I have a different number and texted it to him.

My guy has some decent company perks. Since he travels a lot, our company pays for his cell phone and plan, including travel data packs. So, it's perfectly fine for me to text and call his cell phone in the States with my different SIM card. I would not be that fortunate and would probably fork half my paycheque out if I did the same with my regular cell phone plan.

My favourite text exchange was on Friday afternoon. We had discussed having lunch together before my guy left work work. It didn't pan out, though.
MG: Hi, guys want me to have lunch with them to ask some questions. Sorry our lunch plans have to be cancelled. Will see you shortly after lunch.
Me: Hey, no problem. Just need to deal with you later about that. =) I'm music-shopping. Ping me when you're done. Enjoy lunch and hope the questions aren't too hard.
When we text, we actually write full sentences. We don't find that weird at all. We aren't too crazy about short forms, which is nice.

My guy did call me when he had arrived at the mall, in a specific store. It was nice to hear his voice. I had to ask him where he was. I found him in the men's clothing section. It would have been much worse had I asked my directionally challenged guy to find me in the store!

We did spent our final night in Seattle shopping, eating, laughing, and more.


  1. Congratulations on everything falling into place at work, CB...I am so happy for you! One of the reasons I keep my cell phone provider is because I can call all of the US, Canada and Mexico for one rate and can call and text to 70 other countries for an additional $15@month. Since I work with people all over the world and have a lousy ISP that doesn't support VOIP very well, this works out beautifully for me.

    Always more fun to visit a city with someone than by yourself isn't long as it's someone you enjoy spending time with. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! I am always envious of how cheap US cell phone plans are. In Canada, they are ridiculously high. I am glad that your cell phone plan works out well for you!

      I don't mind visiting a city by myself. I agree that it is definitely more fun with someone you like hanging out with. =)

  2. Things are definitely looking brighter, girl with the naughty name and girl with the impressive career and girl with the best working attitude I know...

    I'm so glad for you things finally are working out for a change at work...

    Happy dance,

    1. Thanks, Han.

      I decided to post your original comment for you. See, I am a good girl. =)