Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spanking interest, fish jealousy, and laser eye surgery

It's enjoyable teasing my guy. I basically teased him about how he will not let me drive his car. I tried convincing him -- that sharing means caring. Nope. His car is his baby.

He mentioned wanting to be spanked today. I suppose the light spankings that he has received so far are making him want to explore being spanked some more. I love his enthusiasm. The only downside is that he's not here!

He returns home in a few days. He has not been enjoying his commute from his hotel to work in Dublin. It took him nearly two hours today. So, he is changing hotels and moving closer to the office.

As for me, I am interested in finding decent fish supplies for my pet betta. My guy thinks that I am taking my fish way too seriously. I don't think that I am overdoing it. Perhaps he is jealous that I am pampering my fish more these days.

Anyway, my guy is interested in getting laser eye surgery. I have done a decent amount of research over the years. My prescription isn't bad. My optometrist doesn't think that it's worth it for me to have the surgery. My guy would be a better candidate.
"I like when you're not wearing your glasses. You look good," I told him.
"Thanks, sweetie," he replied. "The only problem is that I have bags under my eyes and my glasses hide them."
The secret is out at long last.


  1. Your fish is still alive and well?? How very well done. Maybe your guy needs his glasses as a disguise, like Clark Kent hides he's Superman...
    A disguise for bags under his eyes, perhaps?


    1. Yep, my fish is alive and kicking. So far, so good!

      My guy is a super guy. He'd probably look good in tights. I am not sure about tights for his bags under his eyes, though. ;)

  2. Congrats on keeping your fish alive...I don't have good luck with them so don't even try anyone. Nothing wrong with spoiling your pet...I've been accused of spoiling my cats but...they are all rescues and deserve to be spoiled.

    Your guy is too funny...will be interesting in hearing how he responds to a red butt spanking. ;) Hope you two get together for some quality tree house time soon.

    I have heard that chronic bags under your eyes can indicate a problem with blood pressure...don't know if this is true or not but wouldn't hurt to have your guy get a quick checkup with his doctor.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Rescued cats especially deserve to be spoiled. They are definitely in a good home!

      I will pass on that information. My guy doesn't have high blood pressure, but it is a good idea for him to get it checked out. I don't think that he has huge bags under his eyes, so he could be self-conscious of them.