Monday, April 04, 2016

D is for dopey

Seattle has legalized smoking cannibis, both for recreational and medicinal needs. Two Sundays ago, it was my guy's birthday. He thought it would be fun if we both gave it a try.

I will have another post about my guy's day, which was really our travel day from Toronto to Seattle. In the meantime, this post will start off with the two of us visiting three different pot places to eventually find the one that we needed.

The first one hadn't opened yet. Google Maps indicated that it was near our hotel, but its grand opening would be in April sometime when we got to the store. We then found another store a few kilometres away. The man was nice to point us to four different locations, as his store only offered weed for medicinal reasons. So, we chose the first one on the list.

My guy and I are both novice weeders. This experience was my first. My guy had tried it before in this city. He would be the one to tell me how to smoke. Yes it, I am such a goody-goody!

He chose the vaporizer and weed vial that we'd be experimenting with. It wasn't expensive. The vaporizer charges through a USB cable, so the technology part of it was up my alley.

Our hotel room has a balcony. We puffed while overlooking the waterfront. I took a couple of puffs, coughing both times. My guy took three.

My guy managed to give me a hard spanking afterwards, which was fun as we both laughed during it. I had given him a few smacks while we were being intimate. I think that he likes getting spanked, especially when I grope him beforehand.

He made me reach orgasm a couple of times. I gave my guy a handjob and he ejaculated all over my hand. It felt warm and nice.

I think that weed affects my guy more than it does me. My guy was out like a light. I felt a nice buzz, as if I had consumed a couple of beers. However, my alcohol tolerance is high. I would think that I'd need to take at least one more puff to reach the same dopey level as my guy.

The next day, my guy had a bit of a hangover. I was fine. We had both slept soundly.

I remember towards the end of the night hugging my guy closely and being thankful that I got to spend his special day with him. I told him that I loved him and that he would always be my sweetie. He reciprocated and told me that the didn't want this week to end.

We can certainly say a lot for two dopey people!


  1. LOL two are so cute. It's funny the way everyone reacts to pot so differently but actually the same goes for booze. I have absolutely no tolerance for alcohol...1/2 drink and I am a very happy drunk. :D

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. That's so true. I react to booze the same way as I do pot. I need more to get giggly. My guy needs little to get to the same level. Now, we know. =)

  2. So you tried it huh? Your're more brave than I am... Never tried it. Supposed I loved it? And became hooked on it? Seen in my work too many addicts, so it scares the hell out of me. Not because I wouldn't like it, but because I might like it a bit too much!

    Nice post,


    1. I can understand about fearing getting hooked on weed. My guy and I thankfully weren't and aren't. It was my first time and it was a fun experience.

      I had a chance to do it legally in Denver, but held off until I was with my guy to safely experiment together. =)