Sunday, April 10, 2016

J is for jets and jetlag

My guy and I were fortunate to book the same flights to and from Seattle. We had a brief layover in both directions.

There is a three-hour time difference between Toronto and Seattle. My guy generally has a tougher time adjusting, but he seems perfectly fine adjusting when there is a small time shift. However, when he is halfway across the world, it takes him a week to get back to his normal self.

I managed to book my seat next to my guy for three out of the four flight segments. I couldn't sit next to him from Seattle to Chicago. Instead, I was in row 25 and he was in row 29.

My guy is a true gentleman. Whenever we fly, he manages to help me with my luggage and such. When we had landed in Chicago. I looked over at him, and he waved and smiled at me.

When we had landed in Toronto, we were waiting for our luggage off the carousel. There was an older woman who needed help getting her luggage off the carousel. My guy not only offered to do that, but he also went to fetch a cart and put all her luggage on it.

To my guy, there's nothing unusual about such a gesture. To me, it just shows how kind and sweet he is to everyone. It's nice to see. I am fortunate that he is my guy.


  1. Not many gentle man left in the world, girl with the naughty name, be glad you found one..


  2. He does seem like a gentleman and definitely a keeper!


    1. Thanks for dropping by, Betty! He truly is a keeper.

  3. I agree with Han, are very lucky to find a gentleman with manners.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I am a lucky girl, Cat. I'm just a bad girl in his eyes, which is good. =)