Sunday, April 24, 2016

X is for Xpectation

When I first learned of Prince's passing, I thought it was a hoax -- a sick joke. Unfortunately, it was true.

I was first introduced to his music when I was in grade 5. I had never heard any of his songs actually sung by Prince himself, though. When I went to Cantonese school, there were two older students who were constantly singing "Little Red Corvette" and "1999" in class.

A year or so later, I heard songs from Prince's Purple Rain album. Hit after hit came from that album. I loved it all. He was a brilliant artist, performer, and individual.

I am not sure whether he is truly responsible for my love for anything purple. I am proud that I lived in his home state of Minnesota for a couple of years.

He released 39 albums. I suspect that he had many more to offer. He left this world too early. Folks in heaven are blessed to have him.

One of his albums was Xpectation. I love this album because it is completely instrumental. All songs on this album start with the letter x, which is fitting for this part of the challenge.

This album also represents an album change that you'd expect from Prince. He did whatever he wanted to do. He loved branching out. He was a creative artist.

Someone has posted the entire album on YouTube:

Take time to listen to it. It is a relaxing album to unwind to.

I won't list my favourite Prince songs, as there are many! I will offer a couple of tidbits about a couple of singers that I loved from my teen years:

  • Cyndi Lauper's "When you were mine" was written and originally sung by Prince. 
  • The guitar opening that you hear on Madonna's "Like a prayer" was performed by Prince.
May he rest in peace.


  1. What a lovely tribute, CB. I also couldn't list all my favorite Prince songs but can tell you purple was my favorite color long before Prince made it popular. ;) I agree...gone too soon. RIP

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat. There are so many good Prince songs. I spent much of the day on Sunday listening to his music. Purple is cool. =)