Thursday, April 07, 2016

G is for good girl

I got a spanking practically every day while on vacation with my guy. I love when we are both playful while I receive one.

I was cuddling up next to my guy one evening. He started to lightly pat my backside. The intensity of each smack slowly grew until my right buttock felt a fairly sharp smack.
"You can't spank me hard. I'm a good girl," I explained.
"No, you're not. I can never call you a good girl," he noted, as he continued spanking me harder.
"Yes, I am. I am a good girl. My butt is still sore," I said.
"You can't be a good girl if you butt is achy," he explained, without missing a beat with the ongoing smacks.
"You're the only one who says that I am bad," I playfully whined.
"Of course. I know you the best as being a bad girl," he reasoned.
I crawled across his lap, with my upper body over the side of the bed. My spanking became harder as we continued to playfully chat. He pulled down my panties and pyjama bottoms, exposing my bare backside.
"You're hurting my bottom," I whined.
"Good," he remarked.
"That's not nice!" I exclaimed.
"The more that you whine, the harder and longer your spanking will be," he explained, as he continued with his hand spanking.
"But, I like to whine about how sore my butt is," I said.
"Well, you're going to have a difficult time sitting if you keep it up," he explained.
He ended up pleasuring me. I was excited and quickly reached orgasm. I then needed help getting back up, as I was so relaxed. He supported me up and we cuddled some more in bed.

I like being his bad girl. It's fun.


  1. Well good girl, or bad girl: it makes you both happy and that is soooo nice to read...


    1. So true, Han. I like being his girl, good or bad. =)

  2. LOL're never gonna convince your guy that you are a good girl. Oh and I thought you were "Naughty Geeky Girl" or Engie for short. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I know that it's a lost cause, but it's fun having the good-bad girl banter. He hasn't called me Naughty Geeky Girl for a while. Perhaps I need to give him a nudge there. =)