Friday, April 29, 2016

What to write about? Missing my guy and admiring betta fish

When I did the A to Z blog challenge, I didn't have any issue writing about anything. Topics were there, ideas came to me quickly, and I just wrote away.

Now that the challenge is over, I find that I can't think of anything to write. At least, that's how I feel.

Perhaps it is also because I haven't been able to talk to my guy. He came back late on Wednesday night and was too tired to call me. Yesterday, he managed to say hi online, but he was dead tired.

I miss him even more when we don't talk while we are apart.

To counter this temporary void, I found an aquarium store on my way home from work. It is huge! I saw some cool betta fish. I nearly bought another one. One of them was purple.

It's unfortunate that you can only have one betta fish in a tank. Introduce another one in the same tank and they will stress each other out, and one possibly might die after they are done fighting each other.

They are nice to look at. I probably stood in front of the betta fish section for ten minutes, admiring how gracefully they were swimming by themselves.

I also can't believe how many betta toys are out there. I browsed. I am sure that I will be back to spoil my fish with a leaf hammock or log.

I can still hear my guy tell me that I am taking my pet fish too seriously. I care about my fish. My guy is genuinely happy that I have a pet fish. My fish enjoys blowing bubbles on the surface and insisting on eating dried bloodworms.

I am glad that I have a pet again. It's nice to watch him swim and love his environment. It also fills the void of my guy not being with me a bit.


  1. The warrior fish, girl with the naughty name. Donald Trump in a fish shape. Just wants the mirrors of the aquarium to admire his own swimming style...

    He will be soon with you, girl with the naughty name. Your guy, I mean not mr. Trump.


    1. I am so glad that I didn't name my fish Donald Trump. Perhaps I should get a mirror, so that my fish can admire himself and how he swims.

      My guy is back tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. Thank goodness he has a decent personality compared to Trump!

  2. Sorry your guy is so tired and not communicating much, CB...I'm sure he'll recover and attend to you and your bottom, soon. ;) Ooh...I think you should get your fish a leaf hammock. If your fish is not in a big aquarium, maybe you could get another aquarium for the purple beta and put it across the room or in another room. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. You're right, Cat. He'll be focusing on spanking me soon.

      The leaf hammock was $4. I had to think about whether to get it and the purple betta. I think that I will need to get another aquarium for the new fish, which isn't a bad thing. Luckily, fish don't take up too much space. =)