Monday, July 16, 2018

Surviving shopping at a liquidation centre and talking about long items

My guy and I visited our favourite liquidation centre. We both like this place for various reasons. It's nice that you can get quality items at highly discounted prices.

What I don't like is being trampled on by aggressive shoppers. We went when the store decided to do a 50% off clothing sale.

My guy was a happy camper. He lucked out, as there weren't as many aggressive guys shopping in the men's clothing section. He got some nice exercise t-shirts and pants.

I frankly gave up looking at the women's clothing. It was an ugly sight seeing women fight over clothes that they have yet to pay for.

On a good note, I did well in the food aisles. I got a ton of almond beverage and a box of healthy snack bars. I also got a 10-foot USB C cable in the technology aisle. My guy was impressed.
"That's pretty long," he said to me when I tried the cable back at the hotel room.
"Hey, I say that about your hard member. That's my line!" I joked.
We went back the following day and the savage shoppers were long gone. I managed to get two pairs of corduroy pants and a pair of capri lounge pants. Each one was $5. I also got another USB C cable.

I love how happy my guy is at this place. He had this permanent smile on his face on both days in this store. It's sweet seeing him so happy getting discounts on items, which makes me happy.


  1. oh gosh i wish we had such a store here. I would be a big fan I'm sure.

    1. This liquidation store takes me two hours to drive over there. It's well worth it, as the deals are decent.