Thursday, July 28, 2016

Groping, eating, and threatening to spank me

On Tuesday, my guy and I arrived at a Chinese restaurant that we had never been to. We both got out of my car.

As we walked towards the restaurant, he walked closely next to me and groped my right buttock. He knows that it turns me on.
"You're so bad," I told him.
"What?" he asked, acting innocent.
"You're so bad, but it feels so good."
My guy wasn't too hungry, and ordered a bowl of hot and sour soup. I ordered spicy garlic chicken. We both got cans of Diet Coke.

We held hands while waiting for our food.
"After dinner, I need to punish you," he told me.
"I should leave now, so you can't spank me," I replied.
"No, you will leave after we have dinner, after I give you a sounds spanking, and after you pleasure me," he replied.
I like when he's playfully stern with me. It's also fun saying that I am a good girl when we both know that I enjoy being his bad girl.

We held hands under the table. It is a perk that we both have long arms.
"Shall we go?" I asked him after we had finished eating.
"Yes," my guy replied. "Hopefully no one sees my boner when I get up," he replied, grinning.
"You're right. I am your boner-giving girl."
We both walked over to my car, where he continued to grope my butt.

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