Sunday, February 09, 2014

"Bad Boy" needs to be changed to "Bad Girl" for me

I love 80's music. I was a kid growing up during that decade (I don't care that I am dating myself, as I have a lot of fond memories). My self-discovery of hit music took place then.

I never had poofy, teased hair. I never wore those jeans with the knee flaps hanging down. Nope, I didn't own a neon yellow t-shirt. I did, however, pin my jeans and wear lots of jelly bracelets, imitating one of my favourite singers at the time, Madonna.

When I bought my first Prius, it came with a free subscription to Sirius XM. I was delighted to find the 80's channel, among other special treasures. More often than not, I am driving (or sitting in traffic, as is the case when you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)) with my satellite radio locked on the 80's channel.

Today, as I was driving down to Chinatown to do a bakery run, I heard the following lyrics:
Bad boy
Now I got to be punished 
Go ahead, spank me, whoop me
Let me come back home
I need to be punished 
Spank me, whoop me
Let me come back home
Break out the leather, baby
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I looked down at my audio display:

I had never heard of "Bad Boy" by Ray Parker Jr. After all, I was still in elementary school at the time and it was definitely not a suitable song for such young ears! I just knew him from singing the theme song to the Ghostbusters movie.

I feel the need to share this gem of a song. When my guy is back in town, I'll need to play it for him.

Of course, he wouldn't exactly be able to relate to this song. Once, he did say something along the lines that I should physically hurt him in some way after he broke up with me. It was more of a figure of speech than to tell me that he deserved to be punished for putting me through that experience.

I would have to rework the song, to make it mine. However, my lyrics would not be a perfect match to the song.
Bad girl
Let me go over your knee
I need to be punished
Spank me, pinch me
Make my butt glow
I need to be punished
Spank me, pinch me
Make me say no more
Break out the leather paddle, baby
Maybe I'll leave a voice message on my guy's phone, singing these fine lyrics. I see a fun ringtone in his future. =)

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