Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Being kind at the luggage carousel

Roughly a couple of weeks ago, I flew into Minneapolis airport. I was waiting for my lone piece of luggage at the baggage carousel.

A few feet away from me was an older woman. She saw a red suitcase, and tried to flip it or look at it. It was getting away from her. The luggage was heading in my direction.
"Is that yours?" I asked her.
"I thought it was, but it doesn't have a tag like mine does," she replied.
Moments later, another red suitcase had arrived in front of this woman. She checked and it got away from her.
"How about that one?" I asked her.
"That one is mine," she said. "I'll wait for it."
"I've got it," I said.
I pulled it off the carousel.
"Thank you so much. Bless you," she said.
"You're welcome. It was good timing. Here comes my luggage," I said.
I got my luggage. I wished her a good day. She reciprocated.

It's good to be kind. It's also nice to help others and brighten their day.