Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Spanks... we have a winner!

Hello, everyone! I am back from my wonderful, humidity-filled trip to New Orleans. It was wonderful.

I ate a lot of local fare. I thought that I would gain a ton of weight, but it helped that I didn't rent a car. I stayed downtown, so I forced myself to walk more and to take the streetcar.

I am tired, though. Monday was my first day back at work and there was a lot of work waiting for me. Ah, the joys of taking vacation. The work piles up.

Anyway, I am late with announcing who has won the $25 CAD Starbucks card that I had for Summer Spanks. I enjoyed participating. It was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I had issues with the scheduler. It just goes to show you that clicking the Publish button is more reliable.

Congratulations to Kristin Elyon, who will be getting the e-version of a Starbucks card soon! I will send it to you when I am not as sleepy as I currently am.

Thanks to everyone who participated and to the fine folks who organized this fun writing event. Thanks for having me!

I hope to get back to writing post regularly. I have unpacked, but I still feel like I'm in vacation mode!


  1. Glad to have you back. Well done on the weight control thing. must have been some walking. not even the famous street cars? Good luck at joining the working force again. Don't stay too late, there must be some left to do tomorrow...

    It may take a while, holiday afterglow....

    Take care,

    1. It has definitely been a busy week back in the office. You're right about trying not to stay at work too late. I am guilty of it, but it hasn't been so bad this week. I have forced myself to leave at a decent hour!