Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting in trouble... perfect!

Words do a lot for and to me. I have noticed for years that I get excited when someone tells me that I "have it coming" or that I should wait till I "get home" for a spanking.

I have been trying to figure out what makes these warnings or threats toward spanking my backside such a huge arousal for me. I suppose it's the fact that I was a decent child growing up that such statements were never made. There was no need for them.

My guy thinks that my love for spanking is my "dark side," but in a good way. I crave to be bad, because I never have been a naughty girl growing up.

My guy (MG) and I recently chatted on Skype. Our instant messaging exchange started off as follows:
MG: Hey
Me: Do I know you?
MG: I guess we met before
Me: Your handle doesn't ring a bell
MG: It's [my guy]
Me: Lol
MG: Ring a bell?
Me: Maybe
MG: Have your earbuds?
Me: Maybe
MG: I suggest you put them on
Me: And what if I don't?
MG: You'll be in trouble
Me: The usual
MG: More
A similar conversation a month ago had me ask him online, "Am I in trouble?" It turns me on when he tells me that I am in trouble. It is the anticipation of ultimately exposing my bare bottom for a hard spanking that I love. My guy pushes the right buttons. If not, I gently remind him during our conversations.

He is back from his business trip. I am hoping to have a sore bottom soon. It feels like ages since I felt that way.

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