Thursday, July 02, 2020

Grocery shopping on a holiday and fireworks going off at this hour

I typically go grocery shopping on Wednesdays. Canada Day landed on a Wednesday this year. I don't recall doing grocery shopping a ton of times in my life on Canada Day, but I did this year.

It was surprisingly busy. Perhaps folks didn't know what to do with themselves. Most festivities were either cancelled or done virtually.

As I write this post, some neighbours are setting off fireworks in their backyard. I am fortunate to be on vacation this week, so I don't mind. I do feel bad for others who need to head back to work tomorrow. Setting them off at 12:30 am isn't exactly being respectful to others.

On a good note, I get paid every other Thursday. My bank tends to deposit my pay Wednesday night at around 10:10 pm. Because Wednesday was a holiday, my pay got deposited on Tuesday night instead. It feels good to have an early payday.

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