Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hotel playtime - a bigger treehouse

My guy and I drove to the hotel. It must have been after 21:00 when we had arrived. We parked our cars in the lot and walked to the reception area, hand in hand.

We had to wait for ten minutes for our room to be ready. We killed some time going back to our cars to get our stuff. We then chatted in the lobby until we got the signal to go upstairs.

The room had a decent-sized bed, a microwave, and a fridge. My guy had purchased sweets from Egypt while he was on business. He gave me a nicely wrapped selection of sweets and put them in the fridge.

We unpacked. We both felt the need to shower. We've had a heatwave for days. My guy insisted that I shower first. I was game. He is always a gentleman.

I took off my pants, shirt, and bra. I just had my lacy black panties on. My guy admired me from afar and noticed how tanned my legs were.

I was probably in the shower for ten minutes. I felt refreshed afterwards.

It was time for my guy to shower next. Before he hit the shower, he advised that the Internet access code didn't work for him. I spent some time talking to the front desk person, who said that it was working. Sadly, it was neither working on my guy's laptop, nor on my cell phone.

I flopped over on my stomach on the bed, determining whether being closer to the door would give me a better Internet signal. I was wearing a t-shirt and pajama shorts. My guy came out of the shower and we talked about our Internet connectivity problem. We both decided to give up on it.

My guy sat next to me. He tickled the bottom of my left foot. He knows that I am a ticklish girl. He also thinks that my feet are pretty.

My butt was up in the air. Naturally, he took advantage of it by pinching my left buttock. It hurt a bit, but I loved it.

We started kissing. My guy started our banter.
"You are never online when I want to talk to you."
"It's not my fault that your timing sucks," I said rebelliously.
"I think someone needs to be punished. Come over here," he said, grabbing my right hand and guiding me over to him.
"No, I don't want to," I said, playfully being reluctant to go over his knee.
Eventually I did. I was over his lap and my hands were on the carpeted floor.
"You've had this [spanking] coming," he told me sternly.
"You're just making up an excuse to spank me!" I said defiantly.
"Really? Do you mean that?" he asked me, caressing my backside with his hand.
"Yes, I am a good girl, but you don't think so because you're a meanie," I explained.
Well, that explanation did nothing for me. As expected, he started spanking each cheek methodically. Each smack became harder and harder.

He stopped for a bit to rub my crotch. I wanted to pleasured, but he teased me by pinching my buttocks and continuing to smack my buttocks hard.

Eventually, he stopped smacking my backside and I got off. It was wonderful just to be over his lap afterwards, and having him caress my butt.

I got up and kissed him passionately. I was kneeling in front of him, with my knees apart, separated by his right leg. My guy hugged me, and then pulled my pajama shorts and underwear down. He was fingering my butt. It was nice. I came again. With my being in a dopey state of mind, I was riding his leg as if it were a horse. It was fun!

I was dopey. My guy went to wash up. He came back and saw me sitting on the bed, with my head down on the bed. He chuckled.

He asked me to suck him. I had brought my trusty tube of strawberry oral gel. I rubbed a lot all over his hard cock and began to suck him. I licked up and down his shaft. I made circles around the tip of his penis with my tongue, eventually using my tongue to probe the hole. He was in ecstasy. 

He came again. We normally get him to ejaculate just once in a day, as he gets extremely dopey afterwards. Twice made him a sweet, dopey, content guy. He loved it. I was happy, too.

I took a towel and we both dried off. We snuggled for half an hour before we called it an evening.

We said goodnight to each other. It was more that a good night. It was another memorable one.


  1. awwww.. that methodical spanking sounded delicious! glad you had a memorable night.

    1. Thanks! It was a great evening. It'll be nice to have another one.