Sunday, August 12, 2012

Skirts, shorts, and panties

I had a meeting with my manager late on Friday afternoon. My guy briefly popped into our manager's office to say hi. He was done with his meetings for the week. It was actually our boss who decided to invite my guy into our regularly scheduled one-on-one meeting.

It's interesting, but I think that our manager likes chatting with both of us. Perhaps it's because we like what we do and we are both funny. This week, a colleague called me "comedy hour." Naturally, my guy needs to be there to make the hour even more humourous.

After my meeting with our manager, I went back to my desk and chatted with my guy. I could tell that today wasn't going to be a treehouse day. I had a lousy morning, so I wasn't exactly in the mood. My guy hasn't been sleeping too well, so he was yawning quite a bit.

He asked me to "shoot" when it came to dishing out why my morning was so horrible. I replied that I didn't exactly have the equipment to do much shooting, but I would try. I said it in my usual deadpan way, which made my guy laugh. Yes, we like sexual innuendos when we talk. It spices up everything.

So, I told my guy about one manager who was giving me a hard time at work. Our manager told me not to worry about it. I'm not, really. I just found this manager's constant hounding to be tedious. I told my guy everything. When I am annoyed, I tend to be funny. My guy likes listening to me, hearing my voice, and laughing at how I describe people who bug me. He got a good laugh.

My guy was waiting for 18:00 to leave work, as was I. Traffic is a bit better on the major highways on a Friday if you leave later.
"When traffic is bad on the highway, I usually get off... at [this highway exit] to shop at Costco," he stated.
"I like that pause," I said. It finally clicked in his head and he laughed hard.
My guy didn't mean to make that pause, but it was funny to me. He thought it was hilarious, too.

He revealed to me that he was so tired today that he had fallen asleep a couple of times during his meeting, but for maybe a minute or two. I said that, if I were in that room, I'd be snapping pictures of him sleeping so sweetly. He changed the topic slightly and suggested that I take pictures of my wearing a short skirt on, showing my thighs. He likes the photos that I had taken a few weeks ago with my lacy black panties on.

My guy then said something revealing. He is obviously turned on when I wear a short skirt. He loves the look of my legs and exploring what is under the skirt. I asked him about whether he feels the same way about shorts. He doesn't. I asked if he was sure. He does like it when a woman's cheeks are showing. In other words, the shorts have to be literally short and skimpy.

I would never be caught with tight shorts like that in public. However, I do like the thought of wearing them before I get spanked. Naturally, the shorts and panties would eventually be pulled down as I continued to be spanked, but it arouses me that my exposed buttocks from under those short shorts are unprotected from a spanking.

Short shorts remind me of my lacy panties. The latter are hiphuggers from Victoria's Secret. They don't completely cover my buttocks. They are comfortable and make me feel sexy in them. Perhaps it's just fine to be spanked over my lacy panties.

Maybe I don't need to invest in a pair of short shorts. However, it never hurts to browse. I like to throw an element of excitement into our fun, as does he.


  1. I think skirts are extremely sexy.

  2. Oh I do think you need a pair. I mean, who can put a price tag on fantasy fulfillment? (Just call me the Shopping Enabler).


  3. Spanky, I think that you and my guy would get along just fine in the liking-skirts department. =) It has been fun wearing skirts these days. I enjoy it when he runs in hands up and down my legs. It's a nice feeling! I also get aroused when he lifts my skirt up and starts spanking me.

    I am doing research on getting a pair of short shorts, Renee Rose. If you have any suggestions on where I can get them, just let me know. I got a suggestion to try Aeropostale, so I will need to check that store out soon. =)