Saturday, August 04, 2012

Planting a seed for Friday fun by teasing and groping

Wednesday was a fun day of banter with my guy. We both had planted a seed for what was in store for us on Friday.

I decided to go to work a bit earlier than usual. I was there two hours earlier. My guy noticed.

Our conversation throughout the day was full of sexual innuendos. It actually caught a part-time colleague who got laid off last year, but decided to return a couple of months ago, off-guard. There is one huge story about her that I could write about at length, but I won't. In a nutshell, both my guy and I thought that she felt a bit uncomfortable with our entire discussion, mainly because it's the type of banter that she can't really keep up with. She is the type that needs to be a part of every conversation, but she can't readily contribute to ours.

My guy played the innocent card, meaning that he was just minding his own business, saying whatever he needed to say, and that I was twisting his words. It was his standard acting job. We both knew it. Apparently, I have corrupted everyone around us.

The best part was my guy saying that he had to go the washroom badly. He still stuck around talking to another colleague.
"You better go or you're going to have an accident!" I exclaimed.
My guy decided to march over to my cubicle area instead.
"If you don't behave, ..." he said to me, which made me smile and turned me completely on.
When we finally had a quiet moment to ourselves, we chatted. Our chats are wonderful. He confided in me that when he was a young boy, his mother's female friends, who were in their thirties, were beautiful. Since then, he does have a thing for older women. He has never told anyone about this interest of his, which says a lot about the trust in our relationship. I don't fit this mould, though.
"You know so much about me," he admitted. "It's not good."
"How come you feel that way?" I asked him.
"I feel so vulnerable."
"You know that I won't be blurting this tidbit to the world," I reassured him.
"I know."
 We both left the office together. We waited for an elevator to come. An empty one came and we got in it.

It didn't take long for our lips to lock. I was hugging him. He took both his hands and grabbed my buttocks. Once again, I was aroused.
"Wow," I said, as the doors opened and we both exited the elevator. "I wasn't expecting [the double-handed groping]."
"It's just a preview of Friday," he said, as we both held hands and walked out the building.


  1. I love hearing about your workplace romance. :)

  2. I am so glad that you do! It is my first office romance. So far, it has been terrific. =)