Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My guy is back in town!

It's tough being in a relationship with someone who is on the road fairly often. My guy has been away for just over a month. This afternoon, he came into the office after flying home on a bunch of flight segments, which totalled 36 hours.

He looked pretty refreshed when he walked into the office. It was nice to lay eyes on him. Mind you, looking at him is easy on my eyes. Then again, I am biased.

There has been a lot of change since he was last in the office. I have been training a colleague who will be taking some of my workload off my plate. I finally had the opportunity to introduce her to him. He immediately asked me if I was feeling less stressed. It's still early in the game (I was doing the workload of nearly four people), but it's nice that I have someone else to help me out. It's a question of training my new colleague these days.

Although my guy said that he was tired, we continued talking. We have a colleague, Swiss Miss, who is here for a few more months before she returns back to her homeland. Although Swiss Miss seems more confident when she talks these days, she still asks tons of questions about work that she should know by now. Her questions make her seem like she lacks confidence. My guy and I had the following conversation.
"She is young," he indicated. "She hasn't even started university."
"Yes, I know," I indicated, except that when I was twenty years of age, I wasn't that needy.
"She needs a lot of hand-holding," noted my guy. "I would love to be hand-held by you, too."
"You are still the charming, sweet talker that I know," I said, smiling. "You're so smooth."
"I have missed you," he admitted. "I have missed your charming smile, your cute chin, ... you look good."
"You are starting to embarrass me with your flattery," I admitted, still smiling.
"I hope that you don't go into the fetal position," he stated, also smiling.
"I may have to under my desk," I said. "But, thanks [for the compliments.] Not to change the subject, but you look good in baby blue."
He smiled, not because I actually was changing the subject, but that he liked what I had said. He was wearing a shirt that I have never seen him wear. It was a blue, short-sleeved polo shirt. The baby blue colour brought out his eyes. He looked so good in it. He also revealed that it was one of his favourite shirts.

Towards the end of the day, we both walked out the door. I walked ahead of him. My guy didn't realize that another male co-worker was behind him until we all got into the elevator. My guy didn't bother holding the door for him.

Yes, my guy was too distracted at looking at my backside. It's nice that my guy is back. I am sure that my bottom will be sore again once he has had plenty of sleep and rest.

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