Saturday, December 09, 2017

Saving money thanks to my stable eye prescription

It has been two years since I last got my eye exam. Although I have felt that my nearsightedness hasn't changed, I still needed a new prescription.

Ah, the joys of getting older! Two years ago, my optometrist indicated that my nearsightedness was improving, which meant that I would start seeing changes when I read. Sure enough, it has slightly. I read better with my contact lenses out or my glasses off. Otherwise, wearing my contacts with my reading glasses (it's an extremely low prescription) works just fine.

On Wednesday, I had my eye exam. Typically, it costs me $90, with my health insurance helping to cover that cost. Since I had my eye stroke, my eye exam was considered a followup appointment. As a result, the Ontario health care system picked up the tab instead. Sweet!

My prescription hasn't changed. I get to keep my existing pairs of glasses. Yep, I got two pairs two years ago. There was a deal that essentially got me two pairs for the price of one. I love the cost savings!

Today, I ordered a six-month supply of contact lenses that combine correcting my nearsightedness and reading. I am looking forward to them. I tried them in the past and they were helpful, but that was roughly a year ago. My insurance picks up the tab.

It's nice saving some money. I am thankful.


  1. it's always a good thing when money can be saved.. especially in healthcare as it can get so expensive. great news about your eye!