Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to log off from the work network to access porn

When my guy was still in Rome, we were chatting on Skype. He asked me what seemed to be a work-related question.

At work, if we are not in the office, we need to connect to the company's network through secure channels. Naturally, with most of our work tools, the method isn't exactly user-friendly. For instance, it isn't obvious how to disconnect from the network once you are connected.

My guy asked me that question. He knows that I ultimately figure out such things. After much trial and error, I figured it out. I showed my guy how to disconnect from the network.
"How come you're asking me?" I asked him.
"I know that you're better at such technical details as I am. I also need to know how to log off the network so I can access porn," he admitted.
I bursted out in laughter. I wasn't laughing at him. I simply wasn't expecting that answer. The company does block porn sites, as you'd expect.

He's sweet and he's honest.


  1. ROFLMBO! That was not the answer I was expecting either, CB. I had to figure out the same thing when I was on the road to access quite a bit of blogland. Thanks for the giggle.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Misery loves company, Cat! His comment still makes me laugh when I think about it from time to time. =)