Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reaching orgasm a few times, and hearing a story afterwards about enjoying spankings and sex

The Friday before the long Labour Day weekend, my guy and I agreed to have some quality time after work. My guy typically ends his teaching day early on Fridays and I was ready to call it quits that day after a number of deadline changes had occurred during the first three hours of the day.
"Hey, there. When would you be free to leave?" My guy asked me online at nearly 15:00.
"Hey! I am ready whenever. I just need my boss to send me something before I send out an e-mail to another writer. I am so bored," I replied.
"I can relate. At least it's Friday."
My guy and I eventually were ready to leave at 16:00. He had an issue with his laptop's battery. I had suggested that he get a new one by dropping by our IT department. He finally did so while I was writing my e-mail. My guy said that he'd wait for me outside the office, sitting on one of the benches. I found him and did a quick caress of his head.

We drove in our respective cars over to our somewhat usual parking lot. I got there a bit later than my guy and noticed that it had more cars than usual. I decided to leave the parking lot and found my guy. He led us to another lot across the street, which was deserted.

So, we had treehouse time. We cuddled for a bit, with my guy kissing my head as I curled up in his arms, as my head continued to rest against his chest. We then kissed for a while.
"You are such a bad girl," my guy whispered in my ear.
"That can't be. I'm a good girl," I protested.
"Not to me," my guy said, groping my butt.
My guy removed my capri jeans first. He then carefully pulled down my lacy black panties, which he remarked were beautiful. He proceeded to pleasure me a handful of times, at one point, fingering both my butt and my wet pussy simultaneously until I came.

I was incredibly lethargic afterwards. My guy likes when I am. It is confirmation that he did a good job.
"I'm sleepy. Tell me a bedtime story," I said, as if I were a little girl.
"Once upon a time, there was a girl named Cutiebootie," he started. "She was a good girl."
"See, I'm a good girl. Even you just admitted it," I interrupted myself briefly from being dopey.
"No, you're a bad girl. Let me finish," my guy insisted.
"Okay," I said, resting my head against the backseat.
"She was a good girl to everyone who knew her. However, only Mr Meanie knew otherwise," he stated.
"That sounds familiar," I replied, which made us both smile.
"Over three years ago, Mr Meanie met Cutiebootie and they fell in love. He has been spanking and having sex with her ever since, and they both love all that."
"And they lived happily ever after," I said, smiling.
"Yes," my guy replied while holding my hand.
The end.