Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Absence makes my bottom sore after a hard spanking

I playfully acted reluctant to go over my guy's knee. Instead, we made out some more, with my being on my knees, straddling him as he sat in the treehouse. It was wonderful. We truly missed each other after being apart for three weeks.

Finally, I went over his knee. My black lace-trimmed panties were already down my thighs. My guy hiked up my short navy skirt. He caressed my bare buttocks briefly. My punishment then took place.

As promised, he didn't ease into my spanking. He started smacking me hard across each buttock with his bare hand, alternating while calling me a bad girl. It hurt. My protests were ignored as he methodically spanked each buttock hard. I told him that he was being mean and the smacks grew in intensity.

He had had enough of my calling him Mr Meanie. He spanked my right buttock ten times in rapid succession.
"You always give me a lopsided spanking!" I exclaimed.
Of course, it isn't smart to make such a remark while exposing my bare bottom to him. He proceeded to give me the same number of fast smacks across my left butt cheek.
"How's that?" he asked me.
"That hurt!" I whined playfully.
"Good. There's more."
He was right. He tested my pussy to see how wet I was. He proceeded to tease me by fingering me. I wanted to cum badly, but he would stop and spank me some more. Finally, he let me reach orgasm. It was intense and nice.

I remained across his lap, limp. He kissed my bare right buttock three times. He's sweet. He then rubbed my bottom.

I got up and hugged him tightly. I love being in his embrace, especially with a sore bottom. 


  1. Wow warm up? Hmmm...guess you're gonna have to call him a big meanie a few more times aren't ya. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. He likes when I call him Mr Meanie. =)