Thursday, May 07, 2015

Sharky, butt watches, diets, and circles

I have talked about a project manager at work who likes me. My guy has nicknamed him Sharky, because he often circles around the cubicle that I choose to sit at when I'm in the office.

Roughly four years ago, I decided out of a whim on a cruise to change my diet. I know that it sounds peculiar. You have all the food you can possible eat on a ship and you're on vacation. You decide to cut out carbs and sugar right then and there?

Yes, I did. It was pretty simple. There were sugar-free desserts. I went for low-carb items, rather than cutting carbs out completely.

Two weeks later, I was down ten pounds. I proceeded to lose a total of sixty pounds and have kept them off ever since. No pills. No weirdness. The challenge is a daily one, to maintain the weight.

My guy always marvels at the fact that I like baked goods, such as chocolate croissants, but I still manage to maintain my weight. It helps to have such goodies from time to time. It's okay to indulge. More importantly, I exercise, and eat fresh food as often as I can.

Anyway, when I was about halfway through my goal weight, I had a pair of jeans on that were loose. I knew that I needed to buy a belt.

I had to visit the women's washroom at work. I got up and went through two sets of doors. Sharky was behind me.

There was a glass door in front of me. I had to walk towards it and then make a left to get to the women's washroom. I could see from the reflection that Sharky was looking at me. In fact, he was looking at my butt. It was a nice, quiet compliment.

I told my guy about that a while back. He told me that any man would want to stare at my backside. He is just the lucky one who gets to grope, smack, and pinch it.

My guy's right. He doesn't have a jealous bone in his body, which is nice. He freely admits that any guy would want to have me, including Sharky. However, my guy knows that my heart is with him and the reverse is true, too.

Sharky isn't a shy guy. He does seem shy around me, though.

Last Friday, he was standing behind me when we were both ordering lunch from downstairs. He didn't say a word to me. I did when I turned around after he had placed his order.

My guy and I think that Sharky is being respectful, knowing that we are a couple. It's nice that he finds me attractive, but it's also a bit creepy when he does his circling routine or can find me anywhere in the office.

As for my guy, he likes to sweetly tell me that I am his. I am. And, he's my guy.


  1. Congratulations on losing and keeping the weight off CB...that is awesome. I wish I could do it but dang...I love my potatoes too blasted much. Sorry but Sharky sounds a bit creepy to me with the circling. That is sweet that your guy is not jealous...says he is secure in himself and your relationship. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. No need to be sorry, Cat. I thought that the circling was a bit creepy on Sharky's part. My guy has convinced me not to be creeped out by him. Instead, my guy feels that it's a compliment. Sharky finds me attractive.

      My guy often jokes that he should brag to Sharky about how wonderful it is to kiss me and such. Let's hope that he doesn't do that!