Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pubic hair - to trim or not to trim?

This post is different for me. So, bare with me.

I have never really trimmed my pubic area. I know for a fact that if I were to shave the entire area that I would have a ton of ingrown hairs. So, I have let the bush grow naturally.

My guy doesn't mind it at all. At first, he suggested trimming the area if I felt that the bushy area was getting long. However, he has always told me that he loves me the way that I am and the bushiness.

My guy, on the other hand, shaves his pubic hair. I appreciate that, especially when I give him a blowjob. He doesn't reciprocate and has never gone down on me. First, it doesn't do much for me. Second, it doesn't do much for him!

I am going to do something daring. I am going to try the trim method out by following these fine steps, just for a change. Apparently, I can get creative by trimming my pubic area such that it has a heart-shaped design. Perhaps I could do a smiley face with experience!


  1. Hope you like the heart design. And sorry that him going down on you doesn't do much for either of you. I love it, so intimate to feel that wet pussy on my tongue. And I don't allow her to shave although she doesn't have a big bush. Anyway, what counts is what works for the both of you. Good luck.


    1. Thanks for your insight, FD! I am glad that you enjoy going down on her without having her shave!

      Both of us are good with not liking my guy going down on me, so it's all good. As you've said, it works well for us.