Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Latest e-book reading from The Spanking Hand Book and the Spencer Spanking Plan

I am currently reading The Spanking Hand Book: The Authoritative Guide on Adult Discipline. I am throughly enjoying reading books on my small e-reader. It also helped that Kobo had a pretty good sale on e-books over this long weekend.

Anyway, I was reading up on the Spencer Spanking Plan, which is a contract originally created in 1936 by Dr. Dorothy Spencer for couples to sign. The following is an excerpt from the Erotic Story: The Spencer Spanking Plan:
Date _______ 19___ 
I, . ____________________ wife of ____________________ .
do hereby acknowledge that I have read the Spencer Spanking Plan and approve of the doctrines it advocates. From this date on it is my wish to have my conduct regulated by the enforcement of these doctrines. I give to my husband, therefore, the full right and permission to spank me whenever he feels such discipline would prove helpful and be in accordance with the spirit of the Spencer Plan.
This Agreement has been entered into willingly – and for no other purpose than to improve my disposition and secure the general benefit that always comes from the enforcement of intelligent discipline. I understand that I will be spanked without fail if I break my promise to refrain from: (List Causes which have been agreed upon.) I promise to cooperate with my husband faithfully. I will get ready for the punishment promptly when asked to do so and I will bear him absolutely no ill-will for so disciplining me. 
x _________________________________ (wife)
x _________________________________ (husband) 
II. For Her Husband
I, _________________________husband of ____________________________:
in accordance with her wishes, as expressed above, do hereby promise and agree to spank my wife when-ever I feel such discipline would prove helpful to her.
My guy and I don't have any sort of doctrine. We just have an agreed understanding that I am his bad girl who needs to be punished fairly often.

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