Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Happy girl with a sore bottom

Hello! This post will be pretty brief.

I have a lot to blog about soon. The last two spankings that my guy has dished out have been incredible. My bottom is mighty sore as I write this post, which is one reason why it is a short one. =)

As a teaser, my guy christened my new silicone black paddle tonight. It packs quite the slap. My guy remarked how pink my bottom halfway through my spanking.

I am one happy, sore, lucky girl.


  1. Silicone sounds kind of scary. Is it thuddy or slappy?
    Glad that you had a good time

    1. I have been debating whether to get a silicone paddle and got this one at a sale price. It's slappy, so it does a decent job without having to apply a ton of elbow grease.

      It was a great evening! I will blog about it soon.