Saturday, October 11, 2014

A sweet review of the girl with the naughty name's blog (that is, my blog)

It seems like a long time. Then again, this year is blowing by too quickly for my liking.

Back in June, I participated in my first blogging challenge. Each day, you choose a topic to write about and your topic goes through each letter of the alphabet. I knew that it would be difficult for me to accomplish, considering that I had a major deadline that month at work and that I haven't blogged that regularly in years.

Although I thought that I would be going through a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and nervous breakdowns, I survived. I felt good that I had accomplished something important. I also managed to find a number of blogs that I love following.

I wish that I could read a blog from start until finish. I was lucky to have found Han's blog. He has a good mix of post topics. Variety is good. I appreciate his hand at writing poetry and quoting poems from some of my favourite poets, such as Ogden Nash. He also posts intriguing photos that end up being etched in my memory for quite some time. I admire that he participates in far more blog challenges that I have.

We found each other's blogs through this challenge in June. I was flattered one day, a few weeks back, when he left me a message, saying that he was striving to read every post that I have written.

I used to do that with this blog. I have been told that I have a good memory. I am also a reflective person, so reading and reminiscing aren't unusual tasks for me.

I haven't read my older blog posts for a while. It is mainly because this blog can be divided into two distinct sections:

  • My life as a married woman, which crumbled and I finally managed to end my marriage after years of knowing that it had a number of issues that could not be resolved.
  • My life these days with my guy.
A few days ago, Han left me a message, stating that he wanted to write a post on his blog about mine. Reviews are both exciting and frightening to me. It's nice that someone loves reading every post that you write and comments regularly. On the other hand, it's the I-don't-know-what-he-is-going-to-say and I-may-not-enjoy-blogging-if-the-comments-are-negative feelings that I had. He reassured me by letting me read his draft. He also wanted to make sure that I was okay with the content.

His insight gave me insight on my life, which is refreshing. I could tear people to shreds. I have been through a bunch of negative experiences. I could let them all out on this blog, but it's just not me.

I am a writer by trade. This blog is an outlet for me. I don't talk about my love for spanking to anyone but those who are close to me, so I do just that on my blog. I am connected to people in the blogosphere who share the same passion as I do. These days, I am spanked more than dishing spankings out. It is an ongoing, exciting journey for me. I want to share these experiences, which has not changed since I started my blog.

And, yes, it took one reader who was upset that I wasn't customizing my blog post for his liking that made me review all comments here prior to publishing them. As much as I love readers following along, I do blog for myself first. It's just sweeter when readers enjoy what I blog about, too.

So, thanks again to Han for taking the time to read practically all my blog posts by now. Thanks to you, my readers, for your support. 

I am approaching 500 posts. Han made the observation that I have been blogging on and off for nine years. Wow! There are some rather large periods of my being away -- mainly from my divorce, from back surgery, and from my master's degree. Each blog post is a snapshot of a moment in my life, similar to taking a photo. I wouldn't delete any of these snapshots, whether good or nasty.

Perhaps I should go back and read my blog posts and see how far I have come.

Cutiebootie (a.k.a. the girl with the naughty name)


  1. It's nice to look back, you are at your best looking foward, girl. Do let us know when the 500th post is due, we'll trow in a party :-)

    1. As always, you are sweet with your comments. Thanks! I have roughly fifty post before I hit 500, so I will definitely let you know. I have a feeling that I will reach this magic number next year, unless I am adventurous and decide to write practically every day from this point forward. =)

    2. No need to rush. In your own time.