Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Stretch and pop

I should have written this post two weeks ago. Yes, I am a bit behind with my observations here.

My guy and I were having quality time in the treehouse. He wanted my bare legs over his lap. I was sitting and just draped them over his thighs. My position soon changed a bit. My legs remained over his lap, but I was on my back, being well-pleasured by my guy.

When it came time to reciprocate, he unfastened his belt, and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His hard cock greeted me immediately. It was poking straight at me.

My guy was wearing briefs that had a single button opening. There was his erect penis, jutting out, and skipping the entire unbuttoning process.

I remarked that his hard cock did not have any hands to unbutton and escape. Instead, it decided to bust out of his surroundings to greet me.

I found it to be flattering.

Why am I mentioning this incident now? It happened again today, except that my legs weren't over his lap. Instead, he had plenty of opportunity to touch them. More about that soon. By soon, I mean this week!


  1. A guy can talk all he wants, but it is the body that proves he means what he says. Guys are easy to read CB :-)

    1. Definitely! I just look down and I know. =)