Sunday, March 24, 2013

Midwest winter storm calls for an early spanking and more quality time

I have meant to write more about my vacation with my guy last month. Well, it was a vacation for me. My guy was on the road at work during the day, but we had date night every night that week. He spanked me every night, too. We had a slight deviation on Thursday, though.

What was special about Thursday? We were in St. Louis and were caught in the middle of winter storm Q. I don't know why it was called Q. Did folks run out of names starting with that letter or something?

Anyway, my guy went to work at 08:00. We had breakfast together before that, sharing a rather enormous plate of scrambled eggs, back bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. We seemed like a typical couple, talking, eating, and laughing. We kissed before we went our separate ways.
"Try and come back to the room by noon," he said in his concerned, thoughtful way. "The storm is supposed to start then."
"I will," I told him. "I hope that you can come back to the room then as well."
"Me, too."
I went shopping at Office Depot, Best Buy, and Target that morning. It was raining when I walked into the first store. When I had finished making my purchases, freezing rain had started. I don't like freezing rain at all.

I got to Best Buy and the parking lot was getting slippery. I came back out, buying both my guy and I mats that you can place on your dashboard that are reusable. You can mount a GPS or phone on it. My guy had wanted one. I thought it would be great for travel, so I purchased two of them. I left the store and snow had started to form on the ground.

I managed to get to Target. Snow was falling down at quite the pace. My guy had mentioned that he wanted to polish his leather shoes. I got him some polish wipes. I thought that it would be more convenient than getting traditional polish that can get all over the place.

It was lunch time and I was hungry. There was plenty of snow on the ground. Traffic was at a crawl no matter what street I was driving on. I hit a Waffle House by the hotel. I wish that there was one in Ontario, but it's an American chain only. The closest one to my province is in Ohio. Anyway, I had the All-Star Special, which comes with practically everything, including its signature, yummy waffle. I absolutely love the grits there, too.

While drying off my shoes and eating, I noticed a minivan with Texas licence plates trying to drive up a snowy incline to get to the main road. It kept on sliding down. Pretty soon, everyone in the restaurant, including staff, were watching this driver try and make it up the incline. Finally, the driver backed up quite a ways and then gunned it. He made it. It wasn't pretty, but he succeeded.

As for me, I have lived in Manitoba and Minnesota, where I learned how to drive in snowy conditions. I grew up in Ontario. Frankly, had I lived in this province all my life, I would be a horrible winter driver. My fear has always been sharing the road with folks who may not be the best drivers. Luckily, I was with decent drivers in St. Louis and got back to the room by 12:45 pm.

I was surprised to find my guy there, who had changed into his pajamas. We said hi. We kissed. We hugged. We talked. I shared my shopping findings and gifts for him. He was amazed at how I could pick up so many items in one trip.

My guy was horny. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't. His meeting was moved to an online format, with everyone going home due to the storm. He wanted to get off. I was game.

He is the perfect gentleman, though. He pleasured me first.
"You're wearing a bra," he said, after I had changed into my pajamas and he was caressing my back.
"I am."
"You know that I want to play with your breasts. You haven't learned, have you?" he asked me rhetorically.
"Sure, I have. I need to be punished regularly."
We headed to the bed. We kissed and hugged. He played with my breast after he ordered me to take it off. I complied.

He whispered in my ear that I needed to be punished. I whined at first, but managed to flip over. He scolded me as each hard smack landed on each buttock. It hurt, but I was so turned on.
"Are you going to wear your bra?" he asked me.
"No, not today," I said.
"Not today?" he said, acting as if he were upset. "Never, you mean."
More smacks were administered across my sore backside. He finally asked me if I had learned my lesson. I said that I had. He stopped and fingered me. He loved how wet I was. It took no time for me to reach orgasm. It was nice. I rested in his arms for a bit afterwards.

I then worked on him. I rubbed his cock, which was getting harder and harder. I then reached under his pajama bottoms and rubbed his hard penis. It drove him crazy. He eventually pulled his underpants down. I had my hand wrapped around his cock, giving him a handjob.

Moments later, he came all over my hand. I kissed him sweetly on his forehead. He was dopey. He was so out of it that I went to wash my hands, get a towel, and came over to wipe him clean. He thanked me.

I'd say about twenty minutes later, he had sobered up enough to go online and resume his meeting. I was impressed at how quickly he had bounced back. It normally takes him a lot longer. I took a brief nap, and then played games on my iPad.

By the time it was 17:00, there was plenty of snow on the ground. We decided to go downstairs to the cafe and get dinner. Of course, we knew that it would be busy. It was.

We placed our order, holding hands for the entire process at the counter, and then found a loveseat to sit on. A table was finally free, so we moved over to it.

We talked while we waited for our food. My guy gets hungry rather quickly. It wasn't until 1.5 hours later that my guy decided to get a couple of bags of chips from the tuck shop. He came back to the table with the chips and two bottles of Stella Artois. I was pleasantly surprised.
"That's my favourite," I said, still surprised.
"Yes, I know," he replied. "Last two bottles, too."
We played Tetris on my guy's phone before our dinner came. My guy had a roasted chicken dish. I had a beef dip sandwich. My guy shared his fries with me. I decided not to open the bag of chips that came with my sandwich.

It was great to finally have lots of food in our tummies. We left the dining area, holding hands, and went back to our room.

Thank goodness for Netflix. We picked out a flick that neither of us had seen and we cuddled in bed, watching it on my guy's laptop. We kissed throughout it. It was wonderful.

Before going to bed, we made out some more. He gave me a few smacks across my backside. He then teased me, which caused me to swat his backside three times. They weren't hard. After all, his butt was fully clothed and we were under the sheets. He didn't mind the swats. I think that it also helped that I hugged him afterwards. So, I still feel that he has potential to be a spankee.

It was a perfect day spending most of it at the hotel.

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