Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making up for lost (Skype) time

I haven't written much as of late. I thought that I would have lots of time to blog, as my guy is on the road for a few weeks. I was wrong.

My guy has been away this week. We have chatted on Skype six out of seven evenings. It has been great.

My guy has been expressing how he feels a lot more. Here are some highlights:
  • He mentioned in a text conversation that we have grown closer and are best friends.
  • When we talked yesterday, he said he wants to make sure that folks don't treat me badly, or he'd do something about it, as "precious things need protection."
  • He said that I have all the best qualities he could hope for in a girlfriend.

He is sweet.

We managed to have phone sex a couple of times. The first time was on Tuesday evening. It was intense and wonderful.

A first happened to him. He is normally dopey after he has ejaculated. The following day, we had this exchange on Skype: 
MG: Good morning, babe. Just wanted to let you know I'm still dopey.
Me: Good morning, sweetie. Wow! You are adorable when you're dopey, though.
MG: We've grown to become best friends. When we don't meet for a while, I feel really bad
Me: I agree. We're close, although physically apart.
Me: No need to feel bad. We eventually do meet. Skype has helped this week.
At lunch time, we connected on Skype again:
Me: Are you still dopey or is it wearing off?
MG: Still dopey! It's unreal
Me: Wow, that's different. Normally, you're good the next day.
Me: You truly did/do miss me.
MG: Very true
MG: I have every right to miss such a hot babe like you
Me: That's sweet.
We were both horny:
Me: All I think about is nuzzling your cock. I have always enjoyed that.
MG: You have no idea how much I enjoy that.
Me: I know. It stood up and told me so. =)
MG: Face to face... lol
Me: =)
We chatted on Skype that evening. He admitted that after I had mentioned that I liked to nuzzle his penis, that he was hard as all can be. He yearned to have me do that. It will be another week till we see each other.

Anyway, my guy is coming home tomorrow. He flies out on Sunday. We don't have time to meet this weekend, as he's off to Sweden. However, he told me that he'd call me once he arrives there.

Although we have been separated from each other all week, we are closer than ever. It's good.

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