Saturday, January 12, 2013

Poor communication makes me sad

My guy sometimes is not the best communicator. He told me that he would be at work for all of last week, except for New Year's Day. Well, he didn't.

When I was at work two Wednesdays ago, I figured out through an e-mail that he was working from home. On Friday, he didn't show up, either. He told me afterwards that he had a last-minute seminar that he had to do at 08:00 to folks in India. He apologized. I was fine with the apology -- or so I had thought.

We talked and joked throughout the afternoon on Monday. He was his sweet self by pointing out that he liked all the Christmas gifts that I had given him. I could tell that today was not going to be a treehouse or dinner evening with him. Perhaps that was one reason why I started feeling blue.

He continued to relentlessly tease me by making up words. I have to admit that it was funny last week. It was now overkill. I didn't feel like laughing.

We walked out of the building that evening and into the parking lot. It was windy.
"You seem like you're in a bad mood," he remarked. "Is everything okay?"
"Why do you ask?"
"You don't laugh at my jokes like you normally do," he stated. I didn't realize that he truly likes it when I do.
Earlier in the day, I told him that he had saturated his time and energy with these fake words. I didn't find them amusing anymore. Sometimes, he doesn't quite know when to stop with the joking.

My guy looked at me as we were still standing in the parking lot.
"Your hair being swept by the wind is nice. The bad part about winter is that I can't tell whether your nipples are hard," he remarked, looking at my chest that was covered up by my wool coat.
"I am sure that you have your ways of figuring that out. Probably your x-ray vision can help you out," I teased.
I had told him that I was coming into work on Wednesday morning. He wondered if I was going to be there for the entire day. I knew from his question that he wanted to schedule treehouse time on Wednesday.

He walked me to his car. I got into my car and drove off.

What upset me later on that evening was the fact that I am far more open about telling him when I'm in the office than he is to me. It's unfair, as is life. I am fine now. I could tell that my guy wanted to schedule treehouse time on Wednesday. My change in plans due to interviewing candidates at work has thrown off his plans for us. In a strange way, I'd call it even.

Have no fear. Treehouse time can always be rescheduled.


  1. well you seem more adjusted to poor communication than I am.

    good on you!

    1. Thanks, but it's tough. I still feel disappointment, but I eventually get out of it. =)