Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Generic versus real Coke discussion after treehouse time

A couple of Mondays ago, after spending some quality time together, my guy and I chatted. We tend to chat about practically everything under the sun. My guy has mentioned that he likes when we chat equally as much as when we are intimate. I would have to agree with him!

Do keep in mind that we are dopey most of the time. We talked about Cinderella. My guy thought it was stupid that the prince was looking all over the place for a princess to have her foot "fit into a shoe." He thought that the story was not giving a good impression on children. What was even funnier was that he ended up switching the roles around. So, a male version of Cinderella was Cinderello. In a recent e-mail to my guy, I called him that. I ended my e-mail my addressing myself as Princess Charming.

We then talked about how great it would be for us to go to a drive-in movie. We spend so much time in the car that we might as well watch a movie there, too! Both of us have never been to a drive-in movie before. You'd think that two people who enjoy going to the movies would have done that before. So, we'll be trying that out when it's warm outside.

My guy teased me and poked fun at himself. He thinks that I think that he's cheap. I have told him that he's frugal -- that he understands how valuable it is to save money, but he's not a penny pincher where he's reluctant to spend any money.

We both liked the idea of going to the movies together. My guy joked that he'd smuggle in some generic soda pop. I said that I'd microwave some popcorn at work and then we could smuggle it into the movie theatre. I went one step further and said that we could get some Jiffy Pop and we could heat it over his car's warm engine. We both cracked up.

We both became rather sweet to each other in a serious moment of sorts.
"I'd get you real Coke," my guy insisted.
"Really? Real Coke?" I asked, as if I didn't believe him.
"Yes, I'd get you a 500 ml bottle of real Coke and I'd buy you popcorn, too."
"Wow, that's sweet," I replied.
"Anything for my girlfriend."
It was the second time that he has called him his girlfriend. It's significant because we know that we're a couple, but he has never called me his girlfriend. Likewise, I have never called him my boyfriend. We know that we are in a loving, happy, meaningful relationship. We are important to each other. We simply know that. However, it was nice that he said that. He knows that he's my special guy.

I hugged him even tighter. He reciprocated. It's how we roll, I suppose.


  1. oh the boyfriend-girlfriend label caught me by surprise too. it was a while before "the guy i'm seeing" became "boyfriend"


    1. I'm so glad that you had the same experience as I did. It was a special moment, but highly unexpected! =)