Friday, October 30, 2015

Having lunch at a Middle Eastern restaurant, being groped, and showing quiet signs of affection

My guy pinged me first thing on Thursday morning on our corporate instant messaging application. It is always nice to hear from him.

He asked me whether it would be okay to change our lunch plans. Two of his students wanted to have lunch with us. I was okay with the extra company, but we would lose some quiet time for ourselves.

Well, I found out later that his entire class wanted to go to a Middle Eastern restaurant for lunch. It was nice meeting his students. I especially enjoyed talking to one gentleman who lives in Dallas, but is originally from London, UK.

My guy and I sat next to each other at the restaurant. He discreetly touched the side of my thigh as we conversed with everyone. I went and caressed his leg. He hiked up his pant leg and I caressed his bare, muscular calf for quite some time while chatting with others.

The food at this restaurant was delicious. My guy and I both had beef shawarmas. I went with the platter version, whereas my guy just had the wrap. We also had hummus and pita bread.

I caressed my guy's thigh. He quietly held my hand under the table.

When our entire group was done, we went to settle the bill. My guy paid for me. He's sweet.

We then all left the restaurant. My guy and I were at the back of the pack. He discreetly and strategically groped my left buttock as we went through the first set of doors. I looked at him and smiled. He placed his hand on the small of my back. I quietly grabbed his right hand and squeezed it.

We can be affectionate without being bold. It feels good.


  1. You two are sneaky aren't ya CB..always thinking of ways to keep the fire burning. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat