Friday, November 30, 2012

Monday funnies and a sweater

Mondays can be interesting. It is difficult to get enthusiastic about them, especially when you have to go to work after a relaxing weekend. However, when something comical happens on a Monday, it certainly brightens up your day.

I got to work at my usual time and cut through the communal kitchen. I went to the water cooler to fill up my water bottle. I then headed towards the second door.

Well, I noticed that someone was opening that door. So, I just stood there. It was my boss. He looked at me and was startled. Yes, I had scared him.

He laughed. I would have laughed normally, but I wasn't sure how to react. He eventually cracked me up.
"Well, hi there, Cutiebootie!" he said, laughing, while also being a bit embarrassed.
That remark did it. I was laughing hard. We both were.
"I'm sorry for giving you a heart attack," I said and we parted ways.
My guy is in meetings all week. He came to see me at around 17:30. We talked. It was nice to see him.

I told my guy about startling our boss.
"Any man would love to bump into an attractive woman," he admitted. "I would love to bump into you. I want to bump into you more often."
My guy is genuinely sweet. I have been working on a set of marketing documents. As you can probably tell from my posts, I am not cut out to be writing marketing materials. I am too direct. I don't fluff. But, I have to complete this task for work.
"I am brain-dead," I said to my guy, as I was tired writing fluff.
"You are never brain-dead," he said. "You are always sharp as a tack."
"That's better than being tacky," I joked, which made him smile.
My guy looked at my beige sweater. Whenever I wear it, it makes him wonder whether it is new. I couldn't figure out why he liked it so much until we both headed home for the day.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the elevator to ourselves. We did get to the ground floor and talked for a bit.
"I really like your sweater," he said to me.
"Thanks," I replied.
"I love how it's cut on you. It's thin enough to see the shape of your bra underneath. Your sweater highlights your boobs nicely," he complimented.
"I see," I replied.
"I am getting hard now," he admitted.
"I wish that I could reach out and touch it, kind of like that Bell commercial from decades ago," I replied. "I could make a long-distance call."
We both chuckled. We wished each other a good evening. We kissed. It was a nice end to a Monday.

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