Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dopey aftermath

My guy once told me that our conversations after sex are the best ones, simply because we are both in a dopey, euphoric mood. I completely concur. Last Wednesday was no exception.

After he had ejaculated, we were looking for paper towel to clean up. Well, he had run out, but had remembered to take some paper towels from the washroom before he left work. Unfortunately, they weren't exactly absorbent, but they did do an okay job -- just required more of them!

My guy and I cuddled. He started creating an infomercial about a new product called "hard and happy." It made us both laugh. The product was super-absorbent paper towel that you could find in the men's washroom for guys who needed to clean up their messes after ejaculation. The paper towel had to be gentle to not cause any chaffing, but strong enough to soak up semen.

He then attempted to market a similar product for women who get horny and wet after having their buttocks get groped and spanked. Yes, he was targeting naughty girls like me.

We had a nice chat about everything under the sun. He had told me several months ago that he had dreamt about kissing a complete stranger. However, those lips were mine and the way in which he was being kissed was all me. I had a similar dream a couple of Sundays ago.

I had dreamt that I was kissing a lead singer of a rock band that I have loved for years. I was really kissing my guy, though. I told my guy that I woke up happy that morning, which was true. He thought that it was sweet and lovingly stroked my face with his finger.

We don't normally have analytical conversations about how our relationship is going. We just know that we like being together, and respect and love each other. My guy said that we have a lot of chemistry. He is more aware of these sorts of things than I am. I am more of an intuitive, things-feel-right type. I agreed with him. We are similar in personality. We're not exact mirror images, but we are on the same bandwidth most of the time, which is helpful.

We are also pretty geeky. We embraced before we left the treehouse.
"You are the best," he whispered in my ear.
"You are the best, too," I said.
After our long, nice hug, we talked a bit more.
"We can't both be the best unless we think of the events as being distinct, as in mathematics. Then, it all makes sense."
I looked at him lovingly.
"I love how geeky you are, which is what I love about you."
I kissed him sweetly on his full lips. He wanted another kiss. I didn't hesitate.
"You kiss so sweetly," he replied with a smile.
It takes a sweet person to know one, I suppose.

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