Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Friday afternoon chat leading to being horny

When my guy and I are at the office on Fridays, we rarely have lunch together. Fridays are so unpredictable for both of us.

My guy's course was running late. I had meeting after meeting to attend. The best part was attending a software development session in which a couple of my colleagues were presenting. I got to take a break. Unfortunately, the room was too warm, which caused a number of people to either take off as many layers of clothing as they could before they exposed more than anyone wanted to see, or folks just walked out of the room.

As soon as the session was over, I immediately bolted out of the room. It was much cooler by the elevators. I headed to my desk.

I decided to ping my guy. It was just after 16:00. My guy had just finished his course. He was alone in the training room. I decided to pay him a visit on the third floor of our building.

I talked about the software development manager who likes me. I told my guy that he took off his blazer in the warm room. Moments later, his sweater vest came off.
"Did he rip off his pants in one smooth motion?" my guy teased.
"No, thankfully not! He wasn't wearing velcro pants, you know."
My guy and I chatted some more. I reached out for his hand and we held hands for a bit.

I teased my guy about shopping for a new car and letting me drive it. He's protective of his car.
"You're so bad. If we weren't at work, I'd be spanking you at this moment."
"Luckily, I am sitting down, so my bottom is safe."
My guy playfully slapped my left calf. He likes my calves. I pretended like it hurt afterwards.

He looked at my hand on the wooden table. He continued to admire my purple nail polish, although it was starting to chip.
"I love your hands so much. Can we have some quality time?" he asked me, caressing the top of my hand and fingers.
"I would love that," I replied.
I was leaning towards him. He managed to spank my left cheek.
"Now, I am horny and wet," I replied.
"I'm hard," he admitted, grabbing his hard cock that was still in his pants.
Fridays at work can end on a happy note!

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  1. Wow CB...if I could have that kind of fun at work, I would not fuss about going into the office. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...