Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tuesday dinner date -- thank goodness for his GPS!

Typically, when my guy and I are both in the office, we have more time to have lunch or hang out after work. This past week was completely hectic for both of us.

My guy was delivering a course, but had a fellow trainer who would be delivering this advanced course down the road. As my guy put it, he had to "babysit" the new trainer.

As for me, I had to get a new writer settled in. I also had to host and partake in a writing workshop with two visiting writers from Sweden.

My guy thought that we could meet after work on Monday. I couldn't, for I was accompanying another writer and our guests to the Leafs game downtown. Instead, we decided to have a date night on Tuesday evening.

Towards the end of the workday, my guy pinged me and said that he had some manuals for me. I asked that he come up to one of the meeting hubs that we have. I was alone at the time until my boss decided to work with me on an e-mail project that we are both working on.

My guy dropped off eight guides and separated them as my boss worked next to me. Finally, he saw my guy and talked briefly.

I asked my guy to help me bring the manuals over to my desk. I had way too much crap with me to do it all by myself. He was more than happy to carry the manuals, as if we were in high school and he was carrying my books.

My guy and I talked about where we would have dinner. We both agreed that the closest Chinese restaurant would be good.

So, I left work before he did. My guy was too busy yakking up a storm with other developers. I headed off to the restaurant and waited in my car.

My guy texted me and asked where I was. I told him that I was at the restaurant. He asked me for the address. I had to giggle, because he is directionally challenged and is dependent on his GPS to get around. I gave him the address and included the country, to tease him.

He finally arrived and we sat down. It was a nice dinner date. We talked, laughed, and ate delicious food.

We held hands at the end of our meal. We hugged quite a bit before we headed out separate ways.

I asked my guy if he wanted to join my writing guests and me at the outlet mall tomorrow evening. What all four of us have in common is that we all like to shop and get great deals. Of course, my guy, Cheap Bastard, was completely up to the challenge.

Although we were rather busy last week, it was nice that we both made the time to see each other.


  1. In the life of hustle, stolen moments are priceless...

    peace and love

    1. So true! Thanks for dropping by. It's great hearing from you again. =)

  2. LOL CB...If we were to trace genealogy, I am sure we would find that your guy and I are related...most definitely directionally challenged here. ;) Since I stopped traveling for work, I haven't needed my GPS as much but now I'm going to have to break down and buy a new one since there has been so much construction around here and mine is so old that I can't get updates on it anymore.

    So nice that you two were able to have a lovely dinner together. Would love to hear about your shopping trip with your Cheap he got some good deals. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Tee hee! I have told my guy about you. You are indeed his long lost sister, I am sure.

      If you do need a GPS, I have a spare one. It is less than a year old. I recently got two of them as gifts, not because I get lost all the time, but because I like going on road trips. If you're interested in taking my spare one off me, just let me know.

      Date nights are always a lot of fun. =)