Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dream a little spanking dream

When I am more stressed than I should be, I tend to dream often. It is a mini revelation on my part.

I don't recall the circumstance behind (pun intended) having a man over my lap in my dream. I couldn't tell you who he was. My dream only focused on looking at his bare bottom right in front of me.

His butt was cute. It was a bit fuzzy. It was more peach-fuzzy than hairy. I couldn't resist and started to smack each cheek. The smacks weren't hard ones. However, I was spanking him for a long period, to the point where his cheeks turned nice shades of pink.

I woke up. I was horny and content. It then occurred to me that the cute butt that I was spanking in my dream was that of my guy.

It's interesting. Whenever I miss my guy (this week, he was on business for a couple of days in Missouri), I tend to dream about him. I have given him lovetaps in the past, but have never spanked him over my knee. Could there be an underlying reason for my spanking him in my dream that I am unaware of?

I am a switch when it comes to spanking. I haven't delivered a spanking for a long time. I tend to be on the receiving end and love it these days. I wonder if my dream is suggesting that I should try and ease my guy into the idea of having his backside playfully spanked now and again.

Coincidentally, once I was fully awake and alert, I checked my e-mail. My guy had written to me. I wonder if the dream foreshadowed my guy wanting to communicate with me.

I get to see him on Monday, which will be wonderful. In this case, reality will better than this dream!

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