Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sex talk on Skype and ideas to try out

I can always tell when my guy really misses me while he is on the road. He finished work early and headed back to his hotel early. He gets hungry fairly often, so I knew that he likely went to the restaurant at the hotel to get some dinner.

Sure enough, it was about 20:30 his time. He caught me on Skype. I asked how he was. His responses were short. He wanted to talk to me.

As expected, I could tell from his voice that he was horny. He told me flat out that he missed me so much. As always, I miss him whenever he is away

We talked about my day, as he had asked me first. The transition occurred when my guy told me to get my mind off work. I told him that I wanted to get off that topic and look "a head." He chuckled at my pun.

I had briefly mentioned in a past post that we may be in New Jersey at the same time next month for work. We have talked about how great it would be to be staying in side-by-side hotel rooms with the side door available for us to come and go as we pleased. My guy would be there for a week. I am there for two. We do like the thought of my guy sneaking into my room and vice-versa. However, it would be far more enjoyable to extend our rooms into a suite-like setting.

My guy asked me if I had booked my hotel. I told him that I had taken his advice to stay at one hotel that he has already stayed at. He had complained in the past that the gym wasn't good and I pointed that out in our conversation. My guy bluntly stated that he wouldn't care about the gym as he'd be spending each night with me. I finished his thought by saying that he wanted a different type of workout with me.

Our phone sex chats always inspire us to try new things when we eventually get together. Here are some thoughts:
  • Having anal sex
    We have been preparing for quite some time. He has made me comfortable, eventually working his way to get three of his fingers up my butthole. I enjoy it as much as he does. I get turned on when I think about being spanked bent over a table before engaging in anal sex.
  • Taking phone pictures after being intimate
    This point does sound strange, but we have been doing it for a bit. I have taken pictures of his cum on my sweater's breast area, my hand covered in his juices, and more. I do not have a picture of my freshly smacked bare bottom or my nuzzling his hard cock. It's kind of on our fun to-do list.
  • Getting drunk before engaging in sex
    Both of us are not heavy drinkers. My guy likes the idea of getting me drunk and having his way with me. This time, we tinkered with the idea of both of us being drunk and having no idea what we did with each other in the morning. I liked when he said that I'd wake up with a sore ass.
  • Making love all night long
    My guy told me that for the first time. I admitted that I have been waiting so long to hear him say that. We'd likely do that until the sun came up in the morning. 
I came first. Unfortunately, our Internet connection wasn't great, and we got disconnected while trying to get him to get off. I called him back. He said sweetly that he couldn't ejaculate without me.

He did get off. He was his sweet, dopey self. We chatted a bit. My guy clearly wanted to drift off to dreamland. I wished him sweet dreams. I wished that I were with him. I would have kissed his head, hugged him, and tucked him into bed. He is like a sweet angel when he is all dopey.

It was a good day. Sure, I miss him, but hearing his voice always makes me feel better. I know that the feeling is mutual, too.

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