Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Warming up a bottom on a cold day

I have briefly talked about spontaneity in the past. It gives you a fresh perspective sometimes.

On Monday, my guy and I hadn't communicated all morning. I decided to come into work for half the day. I didn't know if he was at work. He didn't know whether I would be stopping by the office this week.

I had put my laptop in sleep mode just before 13:30 and ventured off to work. I realized once I had arrived at work that my guy was in the building somewhere. His winter coat was hanging on the back of his office chair.

I connected my laptop to the network. On Skype, my guy had said hi to me seven minutes after I had packed my laptop away. I wrote back and said hi back. He was online somewhere. I wasn't sure where.

For the first time, I went into the kitchen to try out the new water cooler. Sure enough, my guy walked right in. Sadly, we could not make out like we had wanted to, for there was a colleague sitting there, eating his lunch. We just said hi and met up in our cubicle area.

We talked for quite some time. We then quietly discussed meeting in the parking lot on Skype. I had suggested 17:00. He was good with that. He actually told me half an hour before our meeting that he was going to grab a bite to eat and meet me there. He is boyish, which is charming and I love about him.

We met at our usual spot. I got into the backseat of his car first, which was different. Normally, he gets in first.

It was nice to hug him and be in his arms. He then unzipped my sweater and made his way to my bra. He then played with my breasts. As always, we kissed for a bit. He then unzipped by grey, skinny corduroy pants, and fingered me until I came.

I was sort of on my back. He came over and sweetly kissed me all over my face, shoulders, and neck. He then sucked my nipples, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

He pulled down both his jeans and his briefs. I then gave him a blowjob. I worked on him for a bit. He was enjoying the moment. I could tell. He came and we just rested in each other's arms for a bit.

It was a fairly nippy day outside. We had the most spontaneous chat in quite some time.
"My butt is cold," he said to me, wanting to pull up his briefs and jeans.
"Do you want me to smack it to warm it up?" I said with a huge smile on my face.
We both laughed. However, it did spark a good conversation.
"Do you like to give spankings more or receive them?" he asked me curiously.
"I am a switch," I admitted. "In the past, I probably gave more of them, but I love getting spanked, too."
"Does giving spankings turn you on as much as receiving them?" he asked me.
"Yes," I admitted. "I get aroused either way."
"I should let you spank me."
I wasn't expecting that statement from him. At first, I didn't know if he was willing to spanking me when we were talking about what we liked when we first started to get to know each other. I knew then that he wanted to.
"I never asked you if you wanted to be spanked, because I don't expect that everyone will like it. I will never pressure you. You don't have to," I said.
"I need to find out whether I'd like it," he admitted.
Perhaps I have either a closet spanko or I am with someone who is genuinely curious about trying new things and figure out what it feels like to be spanked.

I know that I can't spank him hard for the first time. We'll see how this chapter evolves.


  1. Go for it!! lol! He MIGHT just like it!!! Of course, you may have to "encourage" him to like it!!! LOL!!


  2. Thanks for your support, Bob!

    It's quite the fine line. I want him to like getting spanked, but I can't exactly smack him hard. I am still planning all this out. I am pleased that he is willing to try spanking out, so that's half the battle! =)