Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Being bratty ends with a sore bottom

Last Friday at work was fun. I was being quite the brat.

I got to work in the afternoon. My guy walked in about half an hour later.

A colleague and I were talking about public transportation. She was complaining that seniors take forever to board streetcars. She is twenty years of age. I told her about the GO train and how the middle car has a ramp. The train conductor lowers it at every stop and then puts it away before the train leaves.

I had made a joke, which caused my guy to react. I teased him about his reaction to the point where he had to change the subject. He got a new Android phone and let me play with it.

He was amazed that I could fiddle with it and figure out how it works, despite not owning one. I noticed that he had his phone on vibrate and made quite the comment about how I needed to disinfect my hands after handling it. I continued teasing him. At one point, he gestured as if he were going to playfully hit me. My plan was working.

I definitely got him a bit worked up.
"You're a very, very bad girl," he whispered in my right ear.
"I think that you are mistaken," I replied.
"I could pour this [hot chocolate] on you," he stated, showing me his mug that was nearly full.
"Is that a threat?" I asked him in a low, sly voice.
"It's a warning," he said firmly. I smiled.
"Well, if you poured your beverage on me, I would have to explain the whole thing to two people and cancel my meeting. I would blame everything on you," I reasoned. He smiled right back.
I had a couple of meetings that afternoon. I came back to my desk and chatted with my guy again. He blew me a kiss and asked if I wanted to make out in our regular meeting place. I was game.

We left work just after 17:00 and drove to our regular spot, with our cars parked side by side in the lot. We both proceeded to get into the backseat of his car.

My guy gently stroked my face. It was sweet and nice. We kissed a lot. I love touching his chest as we kiss. He played with my right breast.

My hand felt how erect his penis was. He took it out of his briefs and pants. I then gave him a handjob. He came and was highly relaxed afterwards. We cuddled for a bit.

His right hand slowly made it to my crotch. I was getting turned on.
"Was I really a bad girl earlier?" I asked him.
"Come here," he said, shifting his sitting position to the centre of his car's backseat. I went over his knee with my tight jeans covering my soon-to-be sore backside.
My guy did not hold back on smacking my bottom. My spanking was hard.
"You are such a bad girl," he said, working on smacking each buttock. He then alternated between smacking and pinching each cheek hard.
"Ow!" I exclaimed at one point. I was turned on and my butt was getting sore.
At one point, he was telling me how naughty I was being. Each word that he said was followed by a hard smack across my backside. He has never spanked me like that before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The smacks came down hard and fast. He then helped me reach orgasm. My body was limp across his lap afterwards. I was happy and satisfied.

We then talked for an hour. I teased him from time to time. He slapped my hand a couple of times. He also swatted my backside when I was laughing hard and was leaning forward. I could feel how sore my bottom was as I sat there. I whined about it.
"Good," he told me. "It's nice that you'll remember your spanking for a couple of days."
I hugged him tightly.


  1. Glad to see you got what was coming to you in the end. It sounds like your guy has totally got the idea. But why do you two always have to meet in the car? Isn't there some other place you could go? Just wondering.

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  2. Hi Karl,

    It's nice to hear from you. I still owe you an e-mail reply. I told you that I am not great with them!

    You raise a good question. Unfortunately, all conference rooms and offices at work do not have locks on the doors that you can lock from inside. You can only lock your door after you shut it from the outside, provided that you have a key.

    The only place where we could get a bit of privacy would be the server room that is also the training room. Unfortunately, there is also little privacy with IT guys dropping in from time to time. So, the car works the best for our sessions for the time being. =)